90 Day Program

We so often find ourselves feeling frustrated and overwhelmed in our business. There's this sensation of being stuck or the feeling that something just isn't quite right. This happens when our business practices and brand identity are out of alignment with our values and our own energy. This program is all about uncovering your real driving forces so you can build the business you really want!

This is 100% for you if you are;

A service-based business that's 1+ years old

You're feeling stuck and/or misaligned in your business and brand

You want to build a brand that feels like you

You've tried the one size fits all approach and it didn't work for you

You're serious about letting go of what doesn't serve you and ready to make room for the business and brand that fulfils your biggest dreams

Your Program includes;

  • Weekly 1:1 session either over zoom or face to face*
  • In depth welcome meeting + powerful goal setting session
  • Unlimited ongoing support over direct message
  • Accountability check in after 3 months to keep you on track
  • An ongoing accountability buddy who will kick your ass (with love)

*when Covid restrictions allow

what my clients say

This is one of the best things I could have done for me and my business.
Coaching with someone who knows what they’re talking about has taken the weight off my chest and I suddenly feel like I can breathe again. I have been working on my business for over two years. Constantly trying to figure out what to do next in my business and striving to reach my goals was starting to take the joy out of something I had previously loved doing.
I know for a fact it would have taken longer, been much harder and so much more expensive to get there without Lauren!

Monique Basil-Wright
stacey Miller

Oh WOW! I have been fortunate to have the absolutely fabulous Lauren help me beyond what I thought possible with everything brand related. I'll be honest I meet many coaches and they tell me what I already know. But not this lady!

Stacey Miller, Mental Wellbeing Trainer

"Through the coaching, I've learned so much about social media, and how to use it for business"

Diane Bell, Celebrant

"I learnt so much working with Lauren, she has given me the confidence to promote my brand, identify my ideal client, and all the tools I need for posting on Social Media. By making me look at things from an entirely new perspective, I really do feel I can make a total success of my Hypnotherapy business!"

Chrissy Church, Hypnotherapist
charlotte jones

"I've just finished an hour's brand consultation with Lauren.
She is so wonderful, easy to talk to and full of ideas. I have left feeling very excited and full of thoughts around my brand development. Thank you again, I highly recommend!"

Charlotte Jones, yoga teacher
how it works2

Before we start, we'll do a review of your existing brand presence.

Next we'll get together online or in person so I can really get to know who you are and what's important to you. We'll start with a powerful goal setting exercise and begin to undress any mindset blocks.

As the program goes on we'll cover a number of areas in brand development;

  • Your mindset, confidence and limiting beliefs
  • Your brand personality
  • Your ideal client
  • Your visibility strategy
  • Becoming a referral generating machine
  • Outlining your customer journey and sales funnel
  • BONUS Content Creation Workshop (Worth £210)

This is coaching with a very specific focus. We're here to develop a brand that not only feels aligned with you and your values but also attracts your ideal client over and over again. This is an in depth revision of your business which will arm you with an entirely new approach going forward.

It's all about making the most effective use of your time and resources and utilising the experience and knowledge of an experienced business women to avoid the pitfalls of building a successful business and brand.

Investment: £2000




I know you can do it all alone, I have faith in you but as your coach I'll get you there on a direct flight with no messing. You have everything you need already within you to become wildly successful but I will help you tap into that power, step into your confidence and get you to where you want to go with clarity and direction.

I can help you uncover your mindset blocks and work through them, making you stronger and more resilient. I will walk you through the development of a brand that is aligned with your values and we'll work together to create a step by step plan of action to get you more of the right clients and grow a wildly successful business.



Still not sure?




Virtual Coffee

Choosing the right coach isn't just about knowledge, it's also about energy and the relationship dynamic so it's vital to me that you know I'm the right person for you to invest in.

For this reason I offer a 30 minute 121 completely free of charge so we can really get to know each other and start to get into the challenges you're facing.

Ongoing Mentoring

For those who are serious about developing a successful brand but need the support of a mentor for goal setting, guidance, direction, action plans and ongoing accountability.

Book as you like on an ongoing basis (block booking discount available)

£95 per hour





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