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...with an intuitive approach and a focus on developing confidence 

...with an intuitive approach and a focus on developing confidence

I sat on the swings in the deserted play park. I hugged the chain as if, if I were to let go, I might disappear. I had two parents who suffered mental illness and suicide conversations and attempts were sadly commonplace within my immediate family. I was 15 years old and I felt worthless.

It felt as though my life was stalled before it had even started. My worth was determined by my family experiences and all that I had seen up until that point was that I wasn't worth living for.

Now this isn't a sob story, it's an origin story and I will get to the point...

Both my had very difficult childhoods themselves. And I thought about how that must have affected them. I started to see them in a new light. One that recognised their beautifully flawed personalities with love and compassion.

This in itself was a lovely place to come to but seeing them as something other than perfect had a powerful affect on the way I began to see myself.  My sense of self was so tied up in them but I realised, in that moment, that my worth was not determined by anything external, and not by my parents. I saw that I had my own worth determined by my very existence in the world. And something shifted that day.

This is Me

I wasn't always so but I found my confidence. I am bold, determined and overflowing with unchecked enthusiasm! I'm here to help you find the confidence within you to show up for yourself online and get brand visible. It's time to ditch the overwhelm and find a better way to market your beautiful business. Let's start with you! Developing your brand means confidence, alignment and freedom.

Having the right mindset is where any success starts. It's the tiny shifts in the keel, even by just millimetres, that ultimately create a huge change in the course of your life. It's nothing to to do with external factors like not having the money, the time or the resources. It's about stepping into the power you have within. If I could do it when I ws 16, you can do it now!


I had this beautiful idea of starting a business that was supposed to give me more income and more freedom but somewhere along the line it turned into a hustle...

Feel familiar? I am the single most determined (stubborn) and persistent (pigheaded) person I know and even I've had fleeting moments when I wanted to give it all up...

...until I discovered my brand. With it came confidence, alignment and freedom.

some fun facts2

I love to travel! On my current hit list are Mongolia, Cuba, Peru, Patagonia and Tibet!

I was attacked by an elephant in Thailand, like picked up and thrown around like a ragdoll!

I visited Chernobyl and harrowing as it was, it was also fascinating!

My biggest bug bare is feeling hemmed in...and also hungry.

I love everything about the outdoors; SUP, hiking, skiing, quad biking, riding, camping, get the idea!


Starting a business alone, having to wear all the hats is tough! It's easy to lose yourself as you focus so hard on trying to be what you think people want. Imagine if you could just be your brilliant self? Imagine how much less complicated that would be? Well what if I told you that you would be so much MORE SUCCESSFUL if you dropped the act, embraced yourself and showed up online in all your awesome YOUness?

Building a heart-led brand gives you permission to just be your wonderful self as you start to realise that your ideal client is actually an awful lot like you! It's time to stop trying to be someone else. It's time to discover the essence of your brand and get confident in showing up for yourself.

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