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I had this beautiful idea of starting a business that was supposed to give me more income and more freedom but somewhere along the line it turned into a hustle...

Feel familiar? I am the single most determined (stubborn) and persistent (pigheaded) person I know and even I've had fleeting moments when I wanted to give it all up...

...until I discovered my brand. With it came confidence, alignment and freedom.

This is Me

I’m confident, bold, determined and overflowing with unchecked enthusiasm! I'm here to help you find the confidence within you to show up for yourself online and get brand visible. It's time to ditch the overwhelm and find a better way to market your beautiful business. Let's start with you!

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I love to travel! On my current hit list are Mongolia, Cuba, Peru, Patagonia and Tibet!

I was attacked by an elephant in Thailand, like picked up and thrown around like a ragdoll!

I visited Chernobyl and harrowing as it was, it was also fascinating!

My biggest bug bare is feeling hemmed in...and also hungry.

I love everything about the outdoors; SUP, hiking, skiing, quad biking, riding, camping, get the idea!

Starting a business alone, having to wear all the hats is tough! It's easy to lose yourself as you focus so hard on trying to be what you think people want. Imagine if you could just be your brilliant self? Imagine how much less complicated that would be? Well what if I told you that you would be so much MORE SUCCESSFUL if you dropped the act, embraced yourself and showed up online in all your awesome YOUness?

Building a heart-led brand gives you permission to just be your wonderful self as you start to realise that your ideal client is actually an awful lot like you! It's time to stop trying to be someone else. It's time to discover the essence of your brand and get confident in showing up for yourself.

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The Best Download you'll ever get

Bergische University published a study showing that people have similar feelings about brands as they do about people they like.

Your brand is so much more than a logo and colours. It's is your vision, your voice and your energy.

The power of your brand is in it's appeal and consistency. This download will walk you through the fundamental aspects of discovering your brand and show you how to use it to connect with your ideal client and create a loyal customer base.



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