Do you create a brand to fit your target audience?

January 19, 2021

Do you create a brand to fit your target audience?

…or do you find a target audience to fit your brand?

This is a great question because I think it’s something everyone wonders when they first start their journey into understanding their brand. I have a short and snappy answer for this one because, as you know, I’m all about being 100% true to you.

So my answer is that it’s not about fitting anything to anything. It’s not about forcing a situation to go down the way you want it to. It’s about turning up as you. It’s about being your truest, most authentic self. It’s about letting your energy shine through your brand. Because when you are able to fully embrace who you are then the right people will naturally be drawn to you.

These are the ones who will not only love your product or service but will also love you. They are the ones who will become evangelists for your business and will shout from the rooftops about the service they received.

If you try to create a brand to fit a target market, then you run the risk of changing yourself to fit what YOU think they want. This leads to getting lost in your business and takes you away from your authenticity. Then your energy gets confused and so do your prospective customers.

It may be how others do it and some may even do it well but I personally would recommend that just being your youest you iIs always the way forward. Firstly because it’s uncomplicated. It’s much easier to be you than trying to be something else. Imagine trying to write content from the raisin of someone you think you’re supposed to be? Just thinking about how to do that is complex enough!

Secondly because it’s better for building genuine relationships and thirdly because it’ll build relationships with the right people. The ones who will join your community.

We all get so hung up on trying to attract our ideal client but for most of us our ideal client is, so often, a reflection of ourselves. So just by being ourselves, they’re probably going to like us and invest in what we do because our personality, energy and values are the same.

So don’t get hung up on matching anything up with what you think you should be doing. Just start embracing yourself and show up authentically.

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