My Best EVER Review

Isn’t it just the saddest thing that we live in a culture that guilts you into feeling bad when you say or do anything to celebrate yourself? I think that is just the saddest thing.

And my approach is to flick that sh!t the V and do it anyway! And I encourage my clients to do the same because, business buddies, it is not self indulgent or egotistical. It is not arrogant to be so comfortable with who you are and accepting of yourself to get to a place where you feel 100% A OK with shouting about your wins. And sharing your victories, not only allows others to develop a confidence in you becaus eyou clearly believe in yourself but it also inspires confidence in them. If you can show them it’s possible, then they will believe it too.

So today I want to share my best EVER review from a client who I have been working with on my coaching program which then culminated in a brand shoot together. I am sharing this because the words this remarkable, talented and inspiring woman used describe all the ways I want every single one of my clients to feel when we work together.

“I’ve been working with Lauren over the last few months on my branding. Our meetings have been been incredible. Lauren has thought about branding from every angle and her detailed workbooks guide you through the process of really understanding yourself, your brand, and, most importantly, your clients.

Before the shoot, we discussed what kinds of shots I’d need to make my brand stand out – since she already understood my business before we had that discussion, she was full of ideas that I’d never have thought of.

On the day of the shoot, I was a bit anxious – I don’t love being photographed. But with Lauren

it didn’t feel like I was ‘posing for the camera’ all day; instead it felt like hanging out with a friend and talking about everything under the sun

…with the camera going off regularly. I’ve already used some of the images to promote an upcoming event. Everyone who’s seen them loves them.

I’ve been happier about putting the promotional material out with images from our shoot than I ever would have been with stock photos. These images are uniquely mine and they feel more genuine than stock photos ever could. So, they’re helping me connect with my clients in a new way, and I’m looking forward to sharing more of them!

If you’re only just realising that ‘branding’ is much more than having a logo, and/or you’re tired of trying to find stock photos that feel ‘right’ for your business, you need to work with Lauren. By the end you’ll have more confidence in your brand, in how you serve your clients, and in how you present yourself and your business to the world.”

I would love it if you’d share with my your best EVER testimonial in the comments below…