Something's holding you back from the wild success you want and deserve

A little voice telling you "you can't"

This workshop is all about listening to the voice and dissipating the unhelpful thoughs with love


We all have limiting beliefs, whether we recognise them or not. That little voice telling you, you can't, whisperig worries and hijacking your decision making so you end up going down a road that you never really chose. You end up living a half life.

If you're ready to stop living small then this is the workshop for you!

In this workshop we'll work together to;

  • Discover how to recognise the negative self talk
  • Learn how to listen to it with compassion and understand where it comes from
  • Find ways to sooth the worries and uncover the evidence that proves them wrong
  • Learn new strategies to keep them at bay going forward


Your limiting beliefs exist for a reason but they can be changed and replaced with more helpful beliefs that propel you forward rather than holidng you back. Are you ready to explore the reasons why you haven't achieved the success you need, want and deserve?


Not only this but during the workshop I'll also work to help you connect with the confidence inside you so you can step over any fears and worries you have and really start reaching out. Success is in part Strategy but in larger part Mindset so let's get you feeling confident showing up in your business!


90 minute session

Unlimited email support

BONUS 30 minute accountability call



90 minute session

Unlimited email support

3 payments each of £50




I want to be step over my fear and get more visible in my brand!

My Promise to you.

You're here because you know you need to be more visible in your brand but most of us struggle to find the time.

I want you to spend more time doing what you love so my promise to you is to provide resources and inspiration to make it easier for you to stay visible on your social media channels. If you have a request or suggest for ways I can help you then please do submit them here...

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