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Action Focussed


Wherever you're feeling stuck in your business and brand development you'll find the next step here


These programs are designed for maximum impact in a short period of time with minimal investment. I aim to get you unstuck and provide you with a clear plan of action going forward. Each session includes unlimited email support going forward and many offer accountability catch up calls to make sure you're staying on track.


I don't want the financial outlay for support and accountability to become just another barrier that's keeping you stuck. So, all programs and worksops are available on payment plans over three months to help you make the investment in getting unstuck so you can move forward with a more effective strategy for business success.


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“Lauren and I had just a 30 minute Mindset Recovery call via Zoom giving me an insight into my mindset blocks in my business. I learned so much about myself and Lauren has given me some amazing tools to use, and the confidence to move my business forward.”

Emma Holland, Fitness Coach
Homepage Circles - mindset

"Lauren Hughes has the best 'tips' in the business. Watching the lives and recently taking part in one of her awesome free group challenges has helped me to step out of my comfort zone with excitement and anticipation, rather than the more usual fog of vulnerability."

Abbie Broad, Mindset Coach
Homepage Circles - mindset

"I'll be honest I meet many coaches and they tell me what I already know. But not this lady."

Stacey Miller, Mental Welbeing Trainer


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